"Deos" in Greek translates into "Awe or Fear" but in our case It means admiration and inspiration for & from the unique and highest quality levels of the raw materials and passion we use in each one our imperial stouts!!!

Especially for the Beast Mode series we always seek into the best coffee we can possibly find and that’s why we feel so lucky to have our brothers from @cafetierra on board who always provide us with incredible custom profile roasted coffee for use in our beers!!

For Deos particularly we took the coffee addition into a whole new level by adding triple amounts of a custom roasted coffee blend which created a huge coffee explosion experience that covers all of your tasting buds We could positively say that with this beer you get more than your daily caffeine dose for sure with an aftertaste that lasts for ages!!!

As you can imagine this huge coffee addition didn’t make us stop and that’s why we also added copious amounts of toasted coconut, maple syrup and toasted pecans to take the final result into an whole new taste experience level!! The result is a gift to your tasting buds with an amazing combination of coffee,coconut,pecans and maple syrup which create a pastry stout like experience but keeps the coffee and the roasted malts in the centre of the attention as the stars of the show!! Great label design goes to the one and only and definitely our soulmate @antoniobravovazquez for that amazing capture of the beast!!


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