Hop Spectrum" is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of Hop flavors but can vary, without gaps, across a continuum.

The word indicates our brewing and hopping techniques to describe and create a rainbow of flavors and Aromas that you can get and analyze through your tasting buds while you are slowly sipping a multilayered multi-hopped multi-prism delicious Ipa !!! For this hoppy beast we used a malt base full of silky oats and fluffy wheat and barley to create a nice and soft body with great mouthfeel , which we then dry hopped with Triple additions of the freshest and finest , Citra /Strata/Nectaron and Mosaic Spectrum hops !!!!!

The result as you can imagine is a freshly squeezed juice-like Triple ipa with loads of overripe tropical and stone fruits , with long lasting aftertaste and explosive pungent aroma of fresh tangerines and passion fruit !!!!


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